A powerful modular ECU dedicated to embedded control software

3 hardware versions for various applications:

  • ORION-E for Internal Combustion Engine control
  • ORION-S for Supervision
  • ORION-M for Electric Machine control

Key features

  • Modularity
    • Generic motherboard + specific I/O board
    • µC only or µC + FPGA
  • Performance
    • µC with floating point computation unit
      • NXP MPC5675K
      • 32-bits, dual-core, 180 MHz, 2 Mb Flash, 512 kb RAM
    • FPGA used for execution of engine complex driver
      • Altera Cyclone IV EP4CE30F19A7N
      • 193 I/O, 28 848 logical elements

Proprietary HW design

Evolutions are possible according to customer specific needs


Proprietary SW design

New functionalities can be added upon request


FPGA brings flexibility:

  • Combinatorial logic, critical real time, I/O mapping customization
  • Possible management of additional crank/cam inputs or H-bridge outputs
  • Possible management of specific EV outputs with customized command
  • Pressure cylinder analysis based on angular acquisition


Compatibility with market standard tuning tools

Such as ETAS INCA.


Production capability in small series


Embeddable solution

ORION-E hardware architecture

ORION-E I/O capacities

ORION-S hardware architecture

ORION-S I/O capacities

ORION basic software capabilities

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