A customized development platform for Generation, Configuration, Compilation

  • Simulink model manipulation (creation, modification, configuration)
  • Management of the application data (variable and calibration name and description) by using a dedicated Simulink library linked to GeCCo’s Data Dictionary manager.
  • Simulink model C-code generation
  • CAN messaging generation (cyclic transmission and reception)
  • OS management, BSW function calls, ASW software component data exchange
  • Software compilation (.mot, .a2l)

Detailed features

Required tools and licenses :

Java version 1.7 or higher

Matlab 2013a with following toolboxes

  • Simulink 8.1
  • Stateflow 8.1
  • Embedded Coder 6.4
  • MATLAB Coder 2.4 & Simulink Coder 8.4
  • MATLAB & Simulink Report Generator 3.14

IDE Codewarior version 2.10

Autosar-based software architecture:

  • 1 Simulink model = 1 SoftWare Component (SWC)
  • 1 Simulink model contains ≥ 1 runnable

Variables (read access) and calibrations (write access) edited with a data dictionary


Evolution capabilities: GeCCo, along with all Aboard’s other tools, software and equipment, can be customized upon customer’s needs.

Background: GeCCo has already been used for several projects

ORIANNE collaborative project

  • Diesel ICE control system
  • Based on racing ECU hardware
  • BSW and OS from ECU HW supplier, configurable via GeCCo

MCE-5 customer project

  • Gasoline ICE control system
  • Based on series Continental ECU hardware
  • BSW and OS from Continental, already configured
  • ASW with bypass capabilities managed by GeCCo

Naval Group customer project

  • Electric machine control system
  • Based on Aboard ECU hardware
  • BSW and OS from Aboard, already configured

Example of ICE software configuration capability with GeCCo :

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