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 Real-time embedded control:

  • Thermal engine test bench logic controller: speed control, temperature and torque (C-Rio: HMI, RT, FPGA)
  • Fuel quality measurement probe (C-Rio: HMI, RT, FPGA)
  • Control and monitoring of a thermoreactor (C-Rio: HMI, RT, FPGA)
  • Driver and passenger logic controller of armoured military vehicle (C-Rio: RT, FPGA)

Test bench:

  • Thermal engine crankshaft and camshaft emulator (C-Rio and SingleBoardRio: HMI, RT, FPGA)
  • Fuel injectors test bench (C-Rio: HMI, RT, FPGA)
  • Automotive electrical wire harness test bench (NI USB / CAN, NI DaQ: HMI)

Measurement and calibration HMI tool:
CAN communication with embedded controllers (NI USB / CAN: HMI)

ACOVI product:
Angular scope (C-Rio: HMI, RT, FPGA)

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