ASPIN is a dedicated power stage for driving inductive loads such as high-speed electro valves, incl. fuel injectors. High voltage is internally generated to ensure fast opening


The ASPIN power stage was specially created according to the norms of the car industry to make a driver of injection that can be used on test benchor under the hood. It allows to control, according to the chosen configuration, a heat engine in direct injection up to 8 cylinders. It has exit with profile of Boost-Peak-Hold power adapted for order solenoids injectors, as well as exit for profile of Boost-Peak-Hold power for order the pumps with high pressure fuel.

⇒ A permanent link with it environment

The supplied software makes the ASPIN power stage completely configurable and customizable. Its Can 2.0 interface allows a real time control and feedback from and to a driving computer, a supervisor or a bay of aquisition.


⇒ A software and hardware structure upgradable

This product can be adapted to your specific needs on demand, such software than hardware, so don’t hesitate to contact us and we could offer you a suitable solution.

Download ASPIN datasheet

Driver de puissance ASPIN EV4
ASPIN power stage
ASPIN configurations des sorties Basic configuration Profil Boost Peak Hold du driver de puissance ASPINProfile of configurable Boost-Peak-Hold power
Electrical features
Power supply 8…20 VDC
Boost voltage ≤ 70 V
Boost current ≤ 38 A (current measurement)
Peak current ≤ 25 A (current closed-loop)
Hold current ≤ 15 A (current closed-loop)
Switching frequency ≤ 100 kHz
Input signals TTL or Low-side
CAN Bus CAN 2.0, isolated
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