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Aboard Engineering, along with 3 Everest Team partners, has developped a demo-car with parallel hybrid powertrain.

Demo-car characteristics:

  • B segment vehicle (Peugeot 208)
  • Gasoline engine PSA EB0
  • Parallel hybrid gasoline / electric powertrain
  • Volkswagen DSG7 gearbox
  • Multiple energy storage units (Li-ion battery, ultracapacitor, 12 V Pb battery, on-board battery charger)
  • Multiple propulsion modes (FHEV, PHEV, thermal engine only, electric engine only)

Aboard Engineering activities:

  •  Study
    • E/E architecture definition & faisability
    • Equipment and components selection
  • Software development
    • Service and on board safety controller (12 V bus management, equipment liquid cooling, equipment control and safety)
    • Orianne engine management controller (ICE control, electric motor control, torque repartition between both engines, DSG7 gearbox control)
    • User interface display for dialog, supervision and integrated configuration
    • Communication CAN bus between equipment and vehicle
  • Electrical & electronic development
    • Full vehicle electrical architecture (12 V, CAN, mid voltage, HVIL)
    • Electrical wiring harness, vehicle integration
  • Testing and tuning
    • Unit and integration functional testing of all equipments
    • Reverse engineering of EB0 EMS and DSG7 gearbox control
    • Reverse engineering of Peugeot 208 intersystem CAN
    • Definition of EB0 engine bench calibration methodology
    • Chassis dyno tuning of powertrain system
    • System calibration to optimize emissions, fuel economy, performances and driveability
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