Aboard realised the integration, the control and the electric monitoring for a hybrid refregirated unit, driven by a diesel engine and an electric motor.

Architecture of the demonstrator:

  • 3 power sources possible: ErDF380 VAC network, Li-ion batteries and driven by diesel engine generator.
    • When batteries are used as electrical power generation system, the high voltage of the DC bus is gain by DC/DC converters
    • When the ErDF network or the generator are used as electrical power generation system, the batteries are recharged via the DC/DC converters
  • Liquid cooling of the DC/DC converters
  • Piloting, monitoring, managing the componets cooling with an embedded microcontroller
  • Remote monitoring of the system with an on board GPS/UMTS modem

Aboard Engineering activities :Boite Carrier (24)

  • Study
    • Definition and feasability of the E/E architecture
    • Selection of the material equipement
  • Software Developpment
    • Embedded controllers (management of LV and HV buses, liquid cooling of equipments, control and security of the equipments, control of the Li-ion batteries charge and health level)
    • Dialog HMI, integrated supervision and configuration
    • GPS location monitoring, UMTS cyclic emission of diagnostic ans statistical datas, UMTS factual emission of defects, generation of the automatical reports
  • Electric and electronic development
    • Complet electrical architecture of the refrigerating unit (24 VDC, CAN, 400 VDC, 380 VAD, HVIL)
    • Electric wirings and harnesses, vehicule integration
    • Electrical security guaranteed by a detection module of insulation defect and a HVIL loop
  • Test and development
    • Functionnal tests of unitary and integration of all equipment
    • Development and robustness of the various operating modes
    • On vehicule final tests


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