Automotive CAN ↔ SENT Gateway

  • Link of automobile digital communication between the CAN (Controller-Area Network) and SENT buses (SAE J2716, Single Edge Nibble Transmission)
  • Bidirectional operation
    • CAN (Rx) to SENT (Tx). Typical use : emulation of an automobile sensor detection type of gear engaged, flowmeter + intake air temperature on power, pressure + supercharging air temperature,…
    • SENT (Rx) to CAN (Tx). Typical use : acquisition and recording of a sensor signal by standard CAN software.
  • General features
    • 12 V power supply
    • SENT Signal of TTL type
    • Material base scalable, robust and automotive certified ( NXP S12Z microprocessor)
    • Weak latency of transmission
  • Development, integration and personalization on demand
    • Mechanical integration and connectivity choice according to the client wish
    • Possible integration of a CAN termination resistance
    • Capability to add imputs and outputs logic or analog
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